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Our History

The Green Machine was founded by professional UK aquascaper James Findley in 2007.

James designed The Green Machine to be a Nature Aquarium haven – an Aladdin’s cave of aquascaping. The Green Machine is run by aquascaping enthusiasts, for aquascaping enthusiasts.

Unlike other websites The Green Machine has a real Nature Aquarium store that is full of beautiful Nature Aquarium displays of all sizes, so you can be truly inspired and get some hands on, practical advice from true experts.

We have helped thousands of people learn to aquascape and we are still counting…

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Our Philosophy

We only provide items that our experts have tried, tested and tried again, so you can have complete confidence that everything we offer does exactly what it claims to. Unlike other stores, The Green Machine is run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts – visit us in store to see the difference it makes!

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Aquatics and Aquascaping

After traveling extensively in Asia and seeing what could be achieved, James had a vision to bring the Nature Aquarium to the UK.

The Green Machine is a flagship in the art of aquascaping. Aquascaping itself is simply creating what is intrinsically a small section of tropical riverbank within the confines of your own home.

The emphasis of these art works is on the beautiful landscape created within an aquarium, with the onus on the beauty and harmony of nature.

The jewel in the crown, of course, is when the fish are added bringing the whole picture alive.

The Green Machine is a truly unique place. We have set up many tanks for various clients all of whom are overjoyed with the results that we have achieved for them. Many of our clients however have preferred, with our help and advice, to plant their own underwater paradise.

Our vision for the future is to change the face of aquatics in the UK which we feel needs to be brought up to date and turned more into an art form.

Our in-store Nature Aquarium show tanks need to be seen to be believed, they are truly inspirational- taking the art form to its pinnacle. All our clients have completely changed their outlook on fish keeping, many of whom have started again from scratch. Many others who have experienced this kind of fish keeping are overjoyed to have a shop of this nature to aid and support them.



We are proud to provide what is, in our opinion, one of the leading hydroponics departments in the UK. This department is currently being refitted and extended with the addition of brand new displays so that our clients can see our systems in action and learn how to use them. We have an expert team of staff who have years of experience on hand to answer questions and advise on the most suitable products.

  • Visit us in store for expert advice
  • Save time and money
  • Get real success from day one

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We offer FREE postage & packing for orders £75 and above to addresses located within mainland UK


We’ve helped thousands of people learn to aquascape and we’re still counting..



When you become our customer you gain access to our experience and knowledge. We’ll work with you to help you get the aquascape of your dreams.

Every product to create & maintain your aquascape.

Our online shop provides a hand picked range of products for all your aquascaping needs. We stock everything you might need. Our showroom/shop is an Aladdin’s cave of aquascaping, with displays demonstrating our product range and an awesome selection of hardscape materials.

Our website and online resources are always available to help you learn aquascaping, at your convenience.

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