A 60cm Aquascape Layout Plan

Image of aquascape layout design.

The latest in our ‘Planting without the need for CO2’ series, aquascapes designed for ease of setup and maintenance and without the need for pressurised CO2.

The layout of the tank is shown as a frontal and top view diagram, with each plant group labelled.

Tropica Plant Nutrition and Plant Nutrition+ liquid fertilisers are recommended for use in this aquarium. For this tank 10ml per day is probably a good starting point, but you should refer to our Tips and Tricks section for further details on dosing with TPN.

1 x Rotala sp. ‘Green’
3 x Cryptocoryne undulata ‘broad leaves’
3 x Cryptocoryne x willisii
2 x Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Mi Oya’
3 x Pogostemon helferi
4 x Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’

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