ADA IAPLC 2010 Top 27


The Top 27 IAPLC entries are available to view in our new ADA IAPLC 2010 Gallery. Many thanks to ADA for providing the images.

Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd. hosted the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2010. It is the 10th anniversary contest, and we have received the record breaking number of entries this year, 1,819 applications from 55 countries. It shows that this contest has been recognized and Nature Aquarium is getting popular globally.

Comment from Takashi Amano

International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest started from the dawn of 21st century, and this year’s contest marks the 10th anniversary. In our 10 year contest history, the number of participants and participating country has been increasing steadily, and we have received record breaking participants in this year’s contest. This reflects the fact that the number of planted aquarium hobbyists is globally increasing. But I feel very sorry to have seen the decline of layout originality in many applications, while many applicants are now having high layout technique. So some layouts with splendid layout idea were selected on the top prizes this year. It is also regrettable not many applications have a good combination of fish and aquarium layout. It is also very important point to decide the quality of aquarium layout. I wish to see many applications wowing our juries in next year’s contest, and I hope this contest will develop further as a stage showing your aquarium layout to the world.

To view the top 27 entries visit our ADA IAPLC 2010 Gallery

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