ADA Update – ADA has Arrived!

Our ADA order has finally arrived in all its glory!

As always, we would like to say a big thank you to all our customers for your patience.

Items now in stock/re-stocked include –
ADA Cube Gardens – the most beautiful aquariums available with silicone work that is almost invisible, even in the very large sizes like the 90-P
– The Cube Garden Mini S and Cube Garden Mini M are back in stock.
– NA thermometers in all sizes, including tiny 5mm sizes right through to 12mm and 15mm
– A large selection of ADA Hardscape, including Manten Stone, Ryuoh Stone, Horn Wood and Yamaya Stone
– the full range of Plant Glass and Branch Lights
– the full range of ADA Joint Glass
– the new ADA Sands – Congo sand and Mekong sand
– and much, much more, including the long awaited and exceptionally good ‘The Book of ADA’

All pre-orders will now be dispatched – many have already been dispatched and will be arriving with you very soon!

Please note, not all of these items are online yet – they will be added very soon so please phone us if you would like something that you can’t see online yet.

Thanks again to those of you who have waited.

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