– New Website

“ is place where you can document your aquascapes for the world to see. We have just started out so are looking forward to more and more people adding content. Registered users can create a profile, add aquascapes, comment on, and rate each aquascape. Users can also communicate between each other via private messaging.

Once you are registered and have logged in, you can document your aquascapes (as many as you want) by clicking on the ‘Document an Aquascape’ link in the menu on the left hand side of the page. Your personal AquascapeGallery page will be created (located at which lists all your aquascapes. Your aquascapes are available to be viewed by users who are not registered so its an easy way of showing people your work.”

The Green Machine fully endorses this website and suggests you check it out. We have our own personal account and will be adding all of our aquascapes.

Click here to visit the Aquascape Gallery website.

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