IAPLC 2010 World Ranking 4 ‘The View’

Silver Prize (World Ranking No.4)
Title: The view
Name: Yutaka Kanno
Country: JAPAN

Aquarium Size: W120×D45×H45(cm)

Aquatic Plants:
Fontinalis antipyretica
Vesicularia sp.
Amblystegiaceae sp.(from São Paulo)

Fish & Invertebrates:
Paracheirodon simulans
Caridina japonica
Neocaridina denticulata

Another Silver prize winner is from Japan. The layout looks like a piece of modern art, expressing a space in the cave with the dynamic arrangement of driftwood. Some kinds of Willow moss are used, but it gives too much of a monotone impression. The layout could have been completely different if the creator chose to express a different world by using red stemmed plants around the mouth of cave. It could make a visual effect as if we were looking at different outside world by sitting in the cave.

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