New aquascape in the making

James has just finished the hardscape for his latest aquascape. Planting will commence in a week or so!

It’s a shallow format layout.

Updates coming soon…


8 thoughts on “New aquascape in the making

  1. did this fall to the back burner? waiting to see this project… I am working on a similiar idea and would love to see how your creation came about!

    1. Hi Andy,

      This is currently in our showroom dong very well. We’ll publish some updates at some point.

      1. Awesome. Cannot wait to see the progression. Keep up the great work!

        1. Hi Andy, this is now nicely grown in, we’re filming it next week! Updates coming soon…

  2. Wow mind blowing aquascapes in utube.

  3. It is aquarium for shrimps 😉

  4. Just started on aquascaping, and I feel that James’ work has been a good place to find inspiration on how to set things up, in what I want to make.

    I know that James has a name in aquascaping, and I am unknown, but I am wondering why the main feature in the aquascape doesn’t have more space under it, to give the feeling of it being much lighter and possibly have some low light plants growing there? But again, it all depends on what the planting plans are for the aquascape. I am looking forward to see how this develops and what plants you are going to use.

  5. Looking impressive looking to see more videos on u tube

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