Remember Your Roots!

One thing that we come across in The Green Machine time and time again is a common mistake of many of our clients – they under-estimate the importance of plant roots.

This is easily done, given that it is the least visible part of the plant. As a hobbyist gardener it is easy to focus your attention on the product that you are trying to produce (the rose on the bush, or the tomato on the plant). When all our attention is focussed on the end result it is all too easy to neglect the roots of the plant.

This is a major mistake to make. A plant is only as good as its roots: plants need nutrition and water in the correct amounts to thrive but without a decent root system they simply cannot access these vital elements. A plants roots are its foundations; if you want a strong, healthy plant that produces an abundance of healthy fruit or flowers, you must concentrate on the plant roots.

With this in mind, we strongly recommend using Mycorrizhal Funghi (this has recently been recommended by the RHS, although we were recommending it a long time before they were!). This funghi should be dusted over the roots of the plant. It must come into contact with the plant roots to work. The funghi basically causes the root of the plant to split, therefore increasing the root mass. This leads to a stronger, more abundant root system, which leads to a healthier, stronger plant that will produce more fruit and flowers.

Roots also need oxygen to thrive. That is why we highly recommend using air cages with our potted kits (see Potted Kit 1A and Potted Kit 2A). These air cages ensure that the plant roots get sufficient oxygen to thrive. Alternatively, we would suggest using Super Roots Air Pots instead of traditional pots. Super Roots Air Pots are a revolutionary new pot that eliminates the need for air cages because they are designed to contain a lot of oxygen. Even better than that, they use an air pruning method to encourage root growth.

So in future, remember your roots! Treat them well and you will reap the rewards.

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