Riverbank Aquascape @ The Green Machine by James Findley

This aquascape was created by aquatic artist James Findley, creative director of The Green Machine. It is currently on display at The Green Machine shop in Wrexham, UK, among many other stunning aquatic displays. Please come and visit it yourself to see how it is progressing… if you are passionate about tropical aquascaping we would love to meet you.

We sell everything for the planted tank, aquariums, substrate, true natural hardscape, filtration, tools, glassware, plants, fish, lighting, CO2, etc. Available both in store and online, where we have lots of articles, journals and galleries… https://thegreenmachineonline.com

We can help anyone achieve a beautiful planted tank, whatever your level of experience.

See the step-by-step creation of this aquascape here: https://thegreenmachineonline.com/articles/journals/riverbank-aquascape

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