Summer Time is Wabi-Kusa Time….get your Wabi on!

Image of Wabi-kusa by James FindleySummer is on its way… which means it is the perfect time to experiment with your first Wabi-kusa!

Wabi-kusa can be kept all year round, but are a little easier to keep in summer when the weather is naturally warmer.

Image: Wabi-kusa Cube by James Findley

We can now provide absolutely everything you need to make a stunning Wabi-kusa;

TGM Substrate Balls, developed by James Findley, available in medium and large

Do!aqua be Bright (Wabi-kusa fertiliser)

– Plants

Do!aqua Branch Light

Along with excellent advice, information and support – available through our website, Wabi-kusa journals, videos and in store

Why we love Wabi-kusa;

1. They are stunning! A real statement piece in a home, and double up as a beautiful lighting accessory too!

2. They are simple: follow our easy instructions for a perfect Wabi-kusa every time

3. They’re great for beginners, to get into the Nature Aquarium hobby

4. They’re ideal for experienced hobbyists looking for a new challenge

5. Bring the outdoors inside: Wabi-kusa are even more like miniature, indoor gardens than Nature Aquariums, because they are not completely under water

6. They increase your understanding of plants and emersed growth, helping you to be a better scaper

7. And (if you needed any more reasons!) there’s a full documentary style video on the way showing James Findley creating two Wabi-kusa set ups from scratch…. Sign up to our YouTube Channel to see it first.

So why wait? We have everything you need for your Wabi-kusa exploration!

And now, Do!aqua Branch Lights are at a new, lower price… available in white, cream, silver or black.

For more information…

– read our article on Wabi-kusa

– see James Findley aquascpaing a Wabi-kusa in the Do!aqua Plant Glass Oasis 

– see James Findley aquascpaing a Wabi-kusa in the Do!aqua Plant Glass Cube 1520

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