TGM Winter Hardscape Layout Contest 2010

TGM Winter Hardscape Layout Contest image
TGM Winter Hardscape Layout Contest 2010, in association with ADA.

What would you do without limits…?

This winter The Green Machine, in association with ADA, will be running a hardscape layout contest to emphasise the importance of hardscape layout within the planted aquarium. This contest will be a fun opportunity to get some hands on experience and some friendly advice in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere

1st Prize: £200 of TGM ADA vouchers
2nd Prize: £100 of TGM ADA vouchers
3rd Prize: £50 of TGM ADA vouchers

*Advance booking is not essential but is recommended. To book a place please contact us via our contact form here. with your full name and preferred date and time (am or pm), please enter ‘Hardscape Competition’ in the subject field.*

The top entries from the contest will be judged by an internationally recognised board, giving applicants the opportunity to showcase their work to some of the most critically acclaimed scapers in the industry and benefit from the opportunity to get personalised constructive comments on their layout skills.

So far, confirmed judges include Jeff Senske and James Findley, with more judges to be confirmed soon – watch this space!

Hardscape is the artistic foundation of an aquascape – it is the framework and architecture of the aquascape. If the hardscape is successfully laid out, then the rest of the aquascape tends to fall into place easily and effectively.

In order to emphasise this and to give people the opportunity to use the widest variety and choice of hardscape materials available, we are proud to be holding a hardscape layout contest.

Entrants will be able to use any of the extensive hardscape available in The Green Machine and will be given a morning or an afternoon to complete their hardscape layout. Advance booking is advisable to avoid disappointment.

Any entrants who have a disability or health problem that makes it difficult for them to handle the hardscape will be provided with assistance.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us for some aquascaping fun!

How it will work…
1. Entrants will be permitted to use any of the hardscape materials available in The Green Machine
2. Entrants will be given one morning or one afternoon to scape a rimless, braceless, low iron content aquarium (120cm l x 45cm h x 60cm d)
3. When the scape is completed it will be photographed by a member of the TGM team. No other photographs are permitted.
4. Entries will be judged by an expert panel, including Jeff Senske and James Findley, with more expert judges to be confirmed.
5. The winning layout will be awarded £200 in TGM ADA vouchers, 2nd prize is £100 in TGM ADA vouchers, 3rd prize is £50 in TGM ADA vouchers.
6. All entries may be published by The Green Machine but the names of the entrants will not be published without prior permission.
7. The contest will run from 22nd November 2010 until the 1st March 2011.
8. The winner will be announced on 14th March 2011.
9. Only one entry is permitted per person. Applicants must use their full, true name to enter the contest.
10. The organisers reserve the right to disallow entries from the contest or change the terms of the contest.

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