‘Through the Eyes of a Child’ Aquascape by James Findley – The Making of

This archive footage shows the creation of this stunning aquarium.

This aquascape by James Findley is entitled ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’ because the rocks used were all chosen by his youngest daughter, Ellen.

It demonstrates the chaos of nature: the beauty of perfect imperfection and the unrivalled ability of the child to appreciate this.

As we age, it is common to lose the ability to appreciate the chaos of nature in the same way: we begin to look for ordered, organised patterns and learn to create symmetrical, structured forms.

James explains that nature is chaotic and imperfect so an organised, ordered aquascape will never truly reflect the perfect imperfection of nature.

Therefore to achieve the best results, James believes that an aquascaper must once again learn to see through the eyes of a child. He planted this tank to demonstrate this and the individuality, originality and beauty of this aquascape are striking.

Commissioned by Arcadia for the AQUA 2010 trade show.

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