Triassic Hollow Aquascape by Tony Swinney

Tank Specs (the timer settings are for the initial couple of months):
Tank: 150w x 60d x 60h 10mm Optiwhite ( approx 420L water )
Filtration: 2 x Eheim 2075 (total 2400 LPH), Sera Siporax Filter Media, 2 x Koralia 3 powerheads
CO2: 2 x AquaMedic 1000 CO2 reactors, solenoid on timer ( 24/7 )
Heat: Hydor 300w inline heater 26ºC
DayLights: Arcadia luminaire 4 x 54w T5HO (2 x PowerGlo, 2 x ReefWhite) on timers (2 tubes only 10am – 4pm)
Substrate: ADA Powersand (9L), ADA Aquasoil Malaya (9L), Unipac gravel, TGM graded gravels
Hardscape: Fossilised wood
Fertiliser: EI and EasyCarbo

29/5/10 – Day 1

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