Video: Arizona Aquascape by James Findley (1600 Litre) The Making Of

The Aquascape Journal for ‘Arizona’ aquascape is now published! Featuring almost 100 never before seen photographs that document the creation of this huge display aquarium. it also includes a full setup specification so you can discover everything that went into the making of this giant!

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In this video you will see James Findley, professional aquascaper and founder of The Green Machine, planting one of the large display tanks that are in The Green Machine’s showroom.

During this video you will see how James chose and positioned the hardscape, the planting techniques he used, and the sources of his inspiration.

Timecode Events:
06:30 Hardscape begins – TGM Fossilised Wood
20:29 TGM Substrate Supports added to gain height in substrate
24:25 Aquarium filled with water
25:10 Hardscape finished, 360° Shot
26:19 Plantin begins
38:47 Planting Finished
38:53 3 months after planting, fish have been added, plants have grown in
46:52 6 months after planting, plants have fully grown in

Aquarium – 1600 Litre – 228.6cm x 91.44cm x 76.2cm high (approx.) TGM all acrylic aquarium

Buy the ‘Arizona Plant Package’ (for 60-P size aquarium) here: Arizona Plant Package

For more information on any of the techniques, tools and materials used, browse our site.

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