ADA Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia 3l and NEW Amazonia Powder in stock now!

ADA Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia

Image of ADA Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia

ADA Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia is now in stock in the following sizes

ADA Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia 3l (normal type)

ADA Aqua Soil Powder NEW Amazonia 3l

ADA Aqua Soil Powder NEW Amazonia 9l

Other available Aqua Soil varieties are Malaya and Africana – all three varieties come in a normal type and a powder type. ADA Aqua Soil is the original aquatic plant complete substrate, and the best!  As used by Takashi Amano himself, the results that can be achieved with ADA Aqua Soil are second to none.

Why choose ADA Aqua Soil Powder Type?

ADA Aqua Soil normal type is suitable for all Nature Aquariums and aquatic plants and provides exceptional results every time. The Powder type has some additional benefits that many of our customers choose to take advantage of.

  • The ADA Aqua Soil Powder Type has a much finer grain size, so it is ideal for nano aquariums because it allows a greater sense of scale to be achieved within the aquarium.
  • The ability to provide a greater sense of scale is also useful for achieveing the ‘Miniature Landscape‘ style of the Nature Aquarium.
  • It is also beneficial for carpeting plants and grasses – we have found that it allows the small roots of the plants to penetrate and anchor into the substrate more effectively, so it improves plant growth and reduces the risk of the carpet ‘rising’ from the substrate – we know how devastating it can be when your beautiful carpet of Hemianthus lifts away from the substrate!. Read more about Working with Carpeting Plants and Grasses in our article here.
  • ADA Aqua Soil Powder can be used in conjunction with the normal type, by placing a layer of powder over the normal type, or by using the powder type in areas where you intend to plant carpeting plants.  This allows you to minimise costs whilst maximising results.
  • For more aquascaping help, read our Aquatics Tips and Tricks.

Africana Powder was used in our Aquascape Journal The Power of ADA – a Do!aqua Nature Aquarium, where the aquascaper noted how strikingly clear the water was even immediately after planting.  More images of this can be seen in the Aquascape Journal.

If you would like some advice or assistance choosing the most suitable aquatic substrate for your aquarium, please contact us now! Or you can phone us on 01978 265 090 or visit us in store.


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