ADA Update

Our next ADA order is due to arrive very soon! It should be here (weather permitting!) sometime in the first week in December. We are very excited about this order as we have got lots of items coming that have never been seen before in the UK and we can’t wait to get our hands on them!

This order contains all the vitals plus lots of new products, including;

– ADA Solar I White
ADA Maintenance Stand Clear Type B
ADA Maintenance Stand I
ADA Maintenance Stand II Type A
ADA Maintenance Stand II Type B
ADA Bottle Base for Green Brighty Series
ADA Clear Stand for CO2 Cartridge
ADA Metal Hook Stand 25oml and ADA Metal Hook Stand 500ml
ADA Maintenance Stand Tree
ADA Ball Glass CO2 Distributor for terrariums or small aquariums
– ADA NA Thermometer 15mm
ADA lily Pipe Mini Inflow
ADA Lily Pipe Mini Outflow
ADA Green Drop
– The Book of ADA – the new ADA catalogue
– ADA Joint Glass of all sizes
– ADA Cube Gardens
– ADA Congo Sand
– ADA Mekong Sand
– ADA Ceramic Plant Pots
– ADA Fish Food AP
– ADA Shrimp Food
– ADA Solar I and Solar II Garden Stand Hooks
– ADA Grand Solar Stand
– Do!aqua Glass ware

And lots more!

All of these ADA items will be added to our website over the next week or two but if you just can’t wait for more info on them please feel free to pop in and see us or call us.

Remember to enter our Winter Hardscape Layout Contest for the opportunity to get hands on with the most extensive range of aquatic hardscape and ADA layout materials available and a chance to win £200 in TGM ADA Vouchers!

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