Aquascape by James Findley on Friday 25th May

Famous Aquascaper James FindleyProfessional aquascaper and founder of The Green Machine, James Findley will be planting an ADA Wood Cabinet White on Friday 25th May. James will be starting the aquascape early but feel free to come in to The Green Machine and watch it progress!

The ADA Wood Cabinet White is a beautiful, elegant cabinet that is sure to be a show stopper!

James will be using the new Sado-Akadama stone from ADA. Since taking delivery of this stone he has been very excited about working with it – ‘it is like a red Manten Stone, it has beautiful deep terracottas and reds in it, and is a very natural looking stone’. This will be the first time this stone has been used in the UK.

In the true Nature Aquarium style, James will be using the ADA system (developed by famous aquascaper Takashi Amano himself!).


Image of ADA Wood Cabinet WhiteThis will be an informative and interesting event for any aquascaper to see, so if you are a Nature Aquarium enthusiast or would like to see how its done then call in store to see this re-scaping, and watch James at work.

If you can’t make it don’t worry – we document all our re-scapes on our You Tube Channel so sign up to our You Tube channel for all the latest updates. Watch out for ‘The Making of Reciprocity by James Findley’, coming soon!

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