Cleaning and disinfecting with Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)

H202 is the perfect solution for sterilising fish tanks, pipework, glass and plastic.

Unlike bleach, H202 will turn into harmless water and oxygen after 24 hours in contact with water. It is therefore the perfect solution for use in the aquarium environment.

Not only will it kill all pathogens and algae spores at a dilution of 1 part H202 to 150 parts water, but used in stronger concentrations of 1 part H202 to 10 parts water it is ideal for cleaning algae from glassware and ceramic diffusers.

It is also very useful in treating tanks where major algae growth has been a problem. There is no form of algae that will survive this treatment.

For tank sterilisation where there has been disease or bad algae infestation the H202 should be added, the tank filled with water and the whole system including filtration run for a 24 hour period. All livestock must be removed and placed elsewhere as this product is lethal to all organic life-forms in its initial active state.

It must also be remembered that any filter medium treated will now need re-cycling as all beneficial bacteria will also have been killed.

After 24 hours the tank should be emptied, refilled with fresh tap water and run again for another 24 hours. It is at this point that the tank is ready to safely commence fresh set up procedure and the system treated as if starting from scratch.

For cleaning diffusers and glassware the objects should be left to soak for several days and the solution strengthened as you see fit.

It is a good idea to keep two ceramic diffusers so that whilst one is soaking clean, the spare may be used in its place.

Please note: this product must not be used with livestock present.

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