Escarpment Nature Aquarium by James Findley – Step by Step

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In this 23 minute video, you will see professional aquascaper, and founder of The Green machine- James Findley creating a planted aquarium from scratch. We’ll take you step by step through the process so you can understand the technical and artistic decisions James makes at each stage.

James is using one of the most popular sized aquariums on the market- a 60 cm wide, by 30 deep, by 36 cm high, 64.8 litre ADA Cube Garden.

ADA Cube Gardens are made from low-iron, higher clarity glass, which results in a brighter, more vibrant view of your planted tank.

James is well known for creating Supertanks such as Nature’s Chaos, Arizona, and Reciprocity, so it is interesting to see him planting a more average sized home aquarium.

For over 100 photos, plus full setup specification and video transcript, read the aquascape journal on our website here:

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