Nature’s Chaos Transformed into a Jungle Aquascape by James Findley

At 3 years old this super tank was transformed into a jungle style aquascape. The hardscape and substrate are the originals, only the plants were changed.

The age of this tank is a testament to the longevity and high quality of ADA Aqua Soil – the ultimate substrate for your planted aquarium!

Video timings:

00:00 360° walk around shot of Jungle layout
02:40 The original volcano layout just after planting was completed
03:10 The volcano layout at 1 year old
04:09 The Jungle Transformation

This is a follow up video to “The Making of Nature’s Chaos” 30 minute documentary which can be viewed here-

And also Nature’s Chaos 1 Year Old which can be viewed here-

You can see more of James’ work throughout our website in our Aquascape Journal section and our Aquatics Gallery.

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