‘Reciprocity’ Aquascape by James Findley – The Making Of

James Findley’s latest Aquascape ‘Reciprocity’ which measures a huge 305cm x 61cm x 61cm (approx. 1200 Litres)- come and see it progress in Wrexham, UK! Livestock includes: 125 x Rasbora Merah, 80 x Black/Purple Harlequin Rasbora, 100 x Blue Line Rasbora, 20 x Botia sidthimunki, 50 x Rasbora kubotai, 60 x Rasbora espei, 45 x Emerald Eye Rasbora (Rasbora dorsiocellata), 70 x Amano Shrimp (Caridina Japonica). Mainly small species were chosen to make the aquascape seem even bigger!

Many thanks to professional aquascaper James Findley, creator of Reciprocity and Nature’s Chaos (among many others) and founder of The Green Machine. You can see more of James’ iconic work throughout our website- as well as browse and shop for all his favourite aquascaping materials, tools and equipment. You can meet James in The Green Machine where he provides friendly consultations, help and advice to aquascapers of all levels.

Looking for a professional partner to create and maintain stunning Nature Aquariums? Contact us via our website and a member of our specialist team will get back to you to discuss. We provide many levels of service suited to your needs and tailor packages for you.

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