‘Five Stones’ Aquascape by James Findley – Time-Lapse Preview

James wanted to create an original, modern Andy Warhol, pop-art style of Nature Aquarium. To do this, he used the ADA Sado-Akadama Stone which has a lovely red colour,and the ADA Aqua Screen in Clear Green because red and green are at opposite ends of the colour spectrum and therefore create a very dramatic contrast, like blue and orange or purple and yellow do. At first, James was not sure about the Aqua Screen but as this aquascape has grown in he has been very pleased with it and is excited about the opportunities it provides for originality.
This aquascape reflects the artistic nature of aquascaping, and the way in which there are an endless range of styles and influences for the aquascaper to draw upon.

This video uses time-lapse photography to document James Findley aquascaping a stunning ADA Wood Cabinet White & ADA Cube Garden 60-P Aquarium at The Green Machine. This ultimate all-ADA setup is currently on display in Wrexham. This video serves as a trailer for the full real time video which will be published once the aquascape has grown in. Come and see for yourself how the aquascape is growing in!

The full video will feature detailed explanations of James’ inspiration, techniques and planting tips.

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