The Green Machine featured in ADA Aqua Journal Magazine

Aqua Journal 229The ADA Aqua Journal is a stunning aquatic publication from Aqua Design Amano. It has been regularly published in Japanese and distributed around the world for many years. Many aquascapers buy and collect them despite not being able to read the Japanese text because they contain images of stunning aquascapes and interesting articles which can sometimes be roughly understood through viewing the images.

In the latest edition (Volmume 229), The Green Machine has been featured on pages 48-49. The article includes photos of many of James Findley‘s aquascapes and of our shop. Click the image below to see an enlarged version of the article, and read the English translation further down this page.

The Green Machine in Aqua Journal 229

ADA World Report: The Nature Aquarium in the UK and Ireland

In the UK and Ireland, ADA is distributed by Aqua Scape Art Ltd.

In the UK the aquarium market is still mostly very old fashioned and most aquarium stores do not have planted tanks, but this is rapidly beginning to change.

Once people have seen the power and beauty of a Nature Aquarium they become converted, and the industry in the UK is finally beginning to catch up.

In Ireland the enthusiasm for planted tanks has been more serious for a little longer, and it is gathering momentum. In the future, it is expected that nearly all tropical aquariums in the UK and Ireland will be Nature Aquariums.

The best way to present ADA in stores is to have ADA Nature Aquarium displays throughout the store, showing the beauty of ADA Goods and how effective they are in plant growth.

In the UK the leading retail store takes exactly this approach: The Green Machine, a store that was founded by James Findley, the leading aquascaper in Europe.

James uses all ADA in his set ups in the store because he finds that ADA achieves the best results, and he ensures that there are always multiple Nature Aquarium Displays on show. Currently there are three ‘supertanks’, each around 1800 litres of water in volume, in addition to ADA Nano Aquariums, a Wood Cabinet display, a White Cabinet display, a Cube Glass display and many more.

The Green Machine is literally piled high with ADA Goods: from fertilisers to filters and Cube Gardens to layout tools, and it is because of this that customers regularly travel from all across the UK and Ireland to visit the store and see what it has on offer. Visitors have even travelled from as far as New Zealand, America and Europe to see the displays. In The Green Machine a customer can arrive and leave the same day with almost any ADA item they desire, without having to wait for it to be delivered. You can see ADA products being used and demonstrated by James Findley on The Green Machine’s YouTube Channel – the most popular English language aquascaping channel.

James Findley was first inspired to start aquascaping after reading Mr Amano’s earliest works, which led him to explore the hobby and eventually, when he couldn’t find a store in the UK that could provide for Nature Aquarium Enthusiasts, set up The Green Machine.

By displaying what can be achieved with ADA NA Goods, people are inspired and tempted to convert to the Nature Aquarium. Many new people are becoming aquascapers after watching videos, reading articles, and visiting shops with Nature Aquarium displays. It is becoming more popular among young adults and teenagers.

With the rise of the ADA Aquasky, LED lights are now becoming more popular in the UK. Before the Aquasky there were no LEDs that were suitable for the planted tank, but the Aquasky range is capable of producing excellent Nature Aquarium growth whilst minimising energy consumption and protecting the environment. They are becoming very popular in the UK.

ADA has an excellent reputation in the UK and is clearly the leading Nature Aquarium Goods manufacturer: there are simply no realistic competitors because no other product can come close to the quality of results that can be achieved with ADA NA Goods.

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