The Next Countdown to ADA has begun!

The shipment schedule for our container of ADA has been set and it has been dispatched. We are expecting it to arrive on Friday 24th June!

We have a large range of ADA products arriving, including;

– full range of ADA Aquasoils – including NEW Amazonia 3l
– full range of ADA Aquasoil Powders – including Amazonia Powder
– selection of ADA Cube Garden Mist R Type – never seen before in the UK!
– wide range of Do!aqua Cube Glass – never seen before in the UK
– huge range of ADA Cube Gardens
Do!aqua Wood Cabinet – never seen before in the UK!
– full range of ADA Powersands
– full range of ADA Aqua Gravels
ADA Garden Stands
ADA Superjet Filters
– ADA Solar 1, Solar 2, Grand Solar 1, Mini m, Mini s and other lighting systems including ADA light stands
Glass Ware – Full Do!aqua Glassware range, ADA Lily Pipes, Cabochon Rubies, and more
ADA Hardscape (Manten Stone, Yamaya Stone, Dragon Stone, Ryuoh Stone, Hornwood)
– full range of ADA Fertilisers
– full range of ADA Additives
ADA cleaning utensils

And much, much more!

If you have any questions, queries or requests or you would like to place a pre-order call us on 01978 265 090 or email us.

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