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** Please note this is no longer in production

The ADA Aqua Journal

The ADA Aqua Journal is a stunning aquatic publication from Aqua Design Amano.  Up until now, the Aqua Journal has been published every month, but only in Japanese, making it difficult for UK aquascapers to access the incredible Nature Aquarium knowledge contained within it!

Up until this point, only 5 editions of this amazing Nature Aquarium magazine had ever been translated into English.  These are available to purchase in hard copy from our website and are an incredibly useful resource and an amazing source of aquascaping inspiration.  The available issues are listed below.

From now on, due to extremely high demand, ADA will be translating the Aqua Journal into English every month.  The English language version of the Aqua Journal will be available to purchase online as a Digital Edition Publication. Go to the online Aqua Journal page to start reading!

The Aqua Journal covers an interesting, inspiring and useful array of topics each month.   It also has a regular feature ‘Nature Aquariums across the World’, which featured The Green Machine and some of our aquascapes by famous aquascaper and founder of TGM James Findley!  View this issue here – Volume 186, Aquascaping Across the World, featuring The Green Machine.

The English Aqua Journal will be available to purchase as a yearly subscription for just US $36 or you can purchase individual issues of the Nature Aquarium magazine for just US $5. Go to the online Aqua Journal page to start reading!

The Aqua Journal is the most beautiful and useful aquatic publication in the world.  As with everything ADA do, the quality of the Aqua Journal is unsurpassed.  The Aqua Journal features articles and tips from famous aquascaper Mr. Takashi Amano  himself.

ADA, otherwise known as Aqua Design Amano, was founded by famous aquascaper Takashi Amano.  Before founding ADA, Takashi  Amano worked as a professional photographer, and his photographs of nature have been displayed and admired across the world.  It was this unusual ability to appreciate the fine details of the Natural World that led Takashi Amano to the Nature Aquarium.   Takashi Amano pioneered the ‘Nature Aquarium’, which aims to replicate nature as much as possible by using the addition of CO2 and natural planting techniques.

Because ADA is a result of Mr Amano’s love of the Nature Aquarium and his passion for achieving perfection, and because everything they produce is tried and tested to the standards of Mr Amano himself, everything that they produce is of the most exceptional quality, design and functionality.

The ADA Aqua Journal in English is a welcome addition to the world of the Nature Aquarium, and its release is being celebrated across the Western World – we can’t wait for the next issue to be released!

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** Please note this is no longer in production


The ADA Aqua Journal in English (in hard copy)

Volumes of the ADA Aqua Journal available in English are;

– Vol. 33, featuring: Beneath The Amazon, The Beauty of Stem Plants, The Fine Art of Aquascaping, Aquascaping Design Using Stem Plants, Significance of CO2, Fertilization, Allelochemicals in Aquatic Plants, Aquarium Plant Hobby in America

 – Vol.34, featuring: Boulder Expression – Japenese Rock Setting, A Tribute to the Wildlife of Amazon, Aquascape Composition, High Capacity Filters for the Planted Aquarium.

 – Vol 35., featuring: Sabah`s Lost World, Experiencing The Rain Forest, Nature As Ecological Model, The Balance of Nature, Forest of Eternity, Taking Our Cue From Nature, pH And Your Planted Tank

– Vol. 36, featuring:  Naturalistic Gardening with Hairgrasses, Origins of Nature Aquarium, The Ideal Substrate, Let There Be Light, A Melody From The Stream, The Leading Role, Tips & Techniques For Pruning Your Plants

 – Vol.38, featuring: Introduction To Cultivating Riccia Fluitans, Mass Production of Aquatic Plants, A Guide To Aquatic Moss of South East Asia, A Symposium on Characteristic of Aqua Soil

Above: AquaJournal Vol.38 in English


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