The Power of ADA: The Philosophy of ADA

Takashi Amano and Aqua Design Amano

ADA Aqua Design Amano Logo

Aqua Design Amano, otherwise known as ADA, was founded by famous aquascaper Mr. Takashi Amano.  ADA is a product of Mr Amano’s love of nature and his  unusual ability to recreate the natural world. Read more about The History of Takashi Amano and ADA here.
ADA provide absolutely everything you need to create your very own Nature Aquarium.  All of ADA’s items are researched, developed and tested, in their experience, to the very highest standards: the standards of Mr Takashi Amano himself,  so with ADA you can be confident that that you will achieve success with your own Nature Aquarium.

Inspired by the Delicacy of the Natural World
Mr. Takashi Amano believes that by paying close attention to nature, we can begin to understand our world; he uses the example of the use of CO2 within the Nature Aquarium – CO2 allows the plants to flourish, as they would in nature, but it must be added in exactly the right, delicate natural balance.  The delicacy of the Nature Aquarium helps us to understand and appreciate the delicacy of our own natural world.  Mr Amano hopes that by increasing our understanding of the Nature Aquarium, we will learn to care properly for our planet.
Above: An aquascape by Takashi Amano – view this and more in our Aquatics Gallery
The New ADA Do!aqua Range
ADA Do!aqua logo
Because ADA believe in the healing power of the Nature Aquarium, they have recently released their new Do!aqua range, which is specifically designed for beginners.   The ADA Do!aqua range provides everything you need, from the Do!aqua Cube Glass aquariums, to the new Do!aqua CO2 Starter Kit, all at fantastic prices and ADA’s usual exceptional quality.
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