The Power of ADA – An ADA Nature Aquarium

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 15

Congratulations to Tony Swinney, a customer of The Green Machine, for being selected to showcase what can be achieved with the ADA Nature Aquarium system.  This Aquascape Journal was created and photographed by Tony – we think it shows the beauty and unsurpassed class of the ADA Nature Aquarium system to perfection!

ADA are looking for more people like Tony; people with a passion for aquascaping, an eye for photography and some experience of working with the ADA or Do!aqua Nature Aquarium systems, to show their potential and demonstrate the natural beauty and success that can be achieved with the ADA system.

So if you think you can aquascape and have some experience of working with ADA, or you know someone else who might, please contact us to let us know!

For more details about this aquascape, and a step-by-step Aquascape Journal please read on!  If you would like some help, advice or assistance to re-create this Nature Aquarium style, or any other style, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Aquarium Tank:  ADA Cube Garden Mini M, 36 x 22 x 26 cm, 21L

Lighting: ADA Solar Mini M (27w compact fluorescent)

CO2: Injection through ADA Pollen Glass Mini with ADA Grey Parts Set

Filtration: ADA Lily Pipe Inflow Mini V-1, ADA Lily Pipe Mini V-2, ADA Clear Hose 13mm

Substrate: ADA Aqua Soil Powder Arficana and ADA Power Sand Special S with ADA Mekong Sand for decoration

Hardscape: ADA Manten Stone & ADA Hornwood


Hygrophila Pinnatifida

Ranunculus Inundatus

Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba

Glossostigma Elatinoides

Eleocharis Parvula


ADA Green Brighty Step1

ADA Brighty K

ADA Nature Aquarium System

Above: The philosophy of ADA is clearly visible even before planting!

ADA Nature Aquarium System

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 1

Above: All ADA Cube Gardens are made from extra high clarity glass – the clearest we’ve seen.

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 2

Above: ADA Power Sand Special S is added – it is purposely kept away from the edges to make sure that it is not visible when the Aqua Soil Powder is added.

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 3

Above: The Aqua Soil Powder is added, with more added at the back of the aquarium to counter act the effects of water refraction and create more visual depth. Aqua Soil Powder is used to provide a greater sense of scale within this nano aquarium and because it is especially good for carpeting plants, as it allows the small roots to anchor more firmly – read more about this in the article Why Choose ADA Aqua Soil Powder Type?

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 4

Above: The main hardscape Manten Stones are positioned in accordance with The Golden Ratio, also known as the Rule of Two Thirds.

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 5

Above: ADA Mekong Sand is used to bring light into the aquarium and add a greater sense of perspective to the Nature Aquarium layout.

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 6

Above: The secondary,smaller Manten Stones are added.

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 7

Above: The ADA Hornwood is added.

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 8

Above: The Cube Garden is filled with a little water so planting can begin.

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 9

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 10

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 11

Above: More water is added and any plants above the water line are sprayed with a little water to prevent them drying out.

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 12

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 13

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 14

ADA Nature Aquarium Step 15

Above: Once submerged, the Manten Stone comes to life, displaying an unusual array of natural colours.

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