“NATURE’S CHAOS” Re-Scape: Update

Update: After completing the hardscape layout, James Findley is currently planting this Nature Aquarium.  This is an epic aquascaping event that is well worth watching, so please feel free to call in and watch James as he works.

To read more about this Nature Aquarium re-scape, please read the previous entry below;

Celebrated aquascaper James Findley is re-scaping our 1800 litre 150 x 150 x 75 cm display aquarium, which he has entitled “Nature’s Chaos”.

We have three large display aquariums in our store. All three are viewable from 360 degrees, so you can walk all the way around them and appreciate the Nature Aquariums from every angle.

The re-scape of the cube started today and will be continuing over the next few days. It is always an exciting and inspiring event so feel free to call in and watch it progress.

The re-scape has already attracted a lot of attention from excited customers who were lucky enough to watch the hardscape being positioned today. It looks set to be one of our best ever Nature Aquarium displays!

James is using the ADA system to scape the aquarium because he feels that it is the best available and always provides exceptional results – ‘the quality of ADA is still unsurpassed’ Feel free to call in and watch the art work in progress!

We will, of course, be adding photographs and a step-by-step of this iconic Nature Aquarium as it progresses.

In the mean time, click on the following links to view some of our earlier large display aquascapes step-by-steps, videos and Nature Aquariums in our Aquatics Gallery and our Aquascape Journals.

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