Fallen Tree

‘Fallen Tree’ by famous aquascaper James Findley, demonstrates how effective an Iwagumi can be in creating a miniature landscape.

In this Nature Aquarium, James uses Hemianthus callitrichoides, otherwise known as ‘Cuba’ or ‘HC’ to its full effect, demonstrating how a beautiful, thick green carpet can be created.

The soft-edged, rounded appearance of the Hemianthus Callitrichoides constrasts very effectively against the linear, textured fossilised wood, creating a very natural aquascape with an almost mythical, mystical appearance.

Notice how TGM’s true fossilised wood (many people sell imitation fossilised wood under the name of fossilised or petrified wood, because it is much cheaper, but it does not have the same effect) creates a genuinely natural effect: fossilised wood is created when wood literally fossilises so in a Nature Aquarium, it creates an almost Jurassic, ancient feel.

Photograph by Tony Swinney.

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