The ADA Cube Garden: A Review by PFK Magazine

Image of ADA Cube Garden-FRespected aquascaper, marine aquarist and writer Nathan Hill recently reviewed the ADA Cube garden 45-F for Practical Fishkeeping Magazine.

We are happy to say that he was as taken with the ADA Cube Gardens as we are! In fact, he asked for one on his ‘Christmas Wish List’!

*Image by Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

The article opened with the clear compliment ‘Probably the best aquarium we have ever bought’

Nathan then went on to explain that ‘Not many people get excited by 5 panes of glass – but I do. The Optiwhite 45 x 24 x 16cm/18 x 9 x 6” aquarium from ADA really is something else’

‘This isn’t a total set-up: it doesn’t come with filters or lights, it’s just a rimless tank without a hood or cover glass (cover glasses are available). Yet I reckon I could toss it into a circle of eager aquascapers and watch them tear each other limb from limb over it.

The dimensions lend themselves to a mossy micro-iwagumi and the low iron content of the glass gives itself perfectly to the photography buff. The glass is thin and unimposing, and the silicone work shames anything I have seen from any other supplier of aquaria. It’s flawlessly finished, with no hint of smudge, drip, or even a stray fingerprint. This is simply the perfect little aquascape tank.’

And as for the Cube Garden 45-F, it has found a loving home in Nathan’s house where it is now the proud home of a beautiful marine set up.

The ADA Cube Garden is available in a range of sizes, and most come with ADA Cube Garden Hooks which are used to hold the optional ADA Cover Glass on if you choose to opt for a glass cover. Alternatively, if you do not see the size you want, we can provide a TGM Optiwhite aquarium in any dimensions.

The ADA Cube Gardens are fantastic value, but if you would like an even more economical aquarium have a look at the ADA Do!aqua Cube Glass aquariums. These aquariums are designed for beginners. They are made to a very high standard but use standard float glass instead of low iron content glass, so they are an even more amazing price!

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