Building up height in Substrate

It can be very difficult to build up higher areas in substrate, because when water is added the substrate may collapse and fall towards the front of the tank. This can be extremely frustrating and may limit the boundaries to which an aquascaper may push themselves.

You can now buy TGM Substrate Supports which are designed for this purpose by James.

A simple solution is to TGM Substrate Supports which can be cut to size and then pushed vertically down into the substrate to create small dams which will effectively pin the substrate into position.

Because these thin sheets take up very little surface area they have a minimal impact on planting and are very soon rendered invisible by plant growth.

This is a surprisingly effective and simple method which may be used to create the most interesting of looks which may otherwise have been difficult or impossible to achieve.

You can see how we have used this method in our ‘Riverbank’ aquascape by clicking here.

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