With a robust stainless steel body, ADA Super Jet Aquarium Filters are high end designed canister filter systems. They feature a mounted pump which provides a stable filtration and durability.

ADA Super Jet Filters are specifically designed for the Nature Aquarium:

  • they are made from stainless steel to ensure quality, durability and beauty
  • they have an extra-large capacity for filter media to ensure maximum performance
  • they utilise a special Magnet Pump which has a uniquely shaped impeller and highly durable shaft that ensure that the filter has extra high power
  • all ADA Super Jet Filters come with ADA glass Inlet and Outlet Lily Pipes included
  • All ADA Super Jet Filters come with ADA filter media included

Every element of design has been carefully considered, researched and developed and then tried and tested to ensure that they meet the exceptionally high standards of Takashi Amano and ADA: absolute perfection.

Stainless Steel: An Innovation

Takashi Amano explains why he decided to use stainless steel for his filters: ‘We are the first one in the world to use stainless steel for an external filter.  All other manufacturers were using plastics. However, I decided to use stainless steel not only because of its durability, but also because it looks attractive as peripheral equipment for Nature Aquarium. Stainless steel is rust proof, sturdy, and resistant to scratching. It dissipates heat well so that it helps against high temperatures in the summer time. Plastics look unattractive and scratches easily’

Hand Crafted

Each ADA Super Jet filter is produced by hand, one by one.  This means that every single Super Jet filter is hand crafted, ensuring that it is completely perfect.  As with all ADA items, the attention to detail is phenomenal.  The Super Jet filter appears to be simple, elegant and minimal but in reality it is a true feat of mechanical engineering.

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Showing all 15 results