ADA Do!aqua Tools Available Online

The full range of ADA Do!aqua tools are now available online!

Image of ADA Do!aqua PinsettesThese tools have been specifically designed by Takashi Amano for beginners. They are easy to use, effective, and fantastic value.

The Pinsettes have fantastic grips on the handles and the tips, making it easy to plant without causing any damage to the plant or losing grip.

The Scissors are beautiful and exceptionally precise.

Try them to see for yourself!

The full range of Do!aqua tools consists of:

Do!aqua Scissors S

– Do!aqua Scissors S Curve Type

– Do!aqua Scissors M

– Do!aqua Scissors M Curve Type

 Do!aqua Pinsettes S

– Do!aqua Pinsettes M

– Do!aqua Pinsettes L

– Do!aqua Pinsettes XL

We also have several ADA tools avaialble, and more on their way in our next order, including;

ADA Pinsetttes S

ADA Pinsettes M

ADA Pinsettes L

ADA Spring Scissors Curve Type

ADA Pro Scissors Wave

– ADA Pro Razor

ADA tools are without a doubt the very finest tools available and are used by James Findley.

Contact us for more details.

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