Countdown to ADA…

Our next delivery of ADA is due to arrive on the 11th April and we will be getting lots of lovely new objects of desire and Nature Aquarium essentials!

ADA Wood Cabinet White: this is sure to be a show stopper! It is made from solid wood and comes with an exclusive White Arm Stand that perfectly matches the Solar I White. It fits the Cube Garden 60-P, and has spaces pre-drilled for all the pipe work to ensure elegant minimalism in every way possible. We can’t wait to unload these!

Image of ADA White Cabinet

ADA Wood Cabinet Metallic Silver – these solid wood cabinets are an iconic symbol of ADA. These cabinets are favored by Mr Takashi Amano and used in the Nature Aquarium Gallery in Niigata, Japan.

Image of ADA Wood Cabinet Metallic Silver

ADA Solar Mini M Black – the new black colour of the Mini M brings out the colours of the aquatic plants beautifully and adds a new variant to the classic ADA Nano system

Image of ADA Solar Mini Black

ADA Cube Cabinet Mist – these stunning glass cabinets are made from exactly the same material as the Cube Gardens, so they just disappear!

ADA Sado-Akadama Stone – this beautiful new stone is available in a limited quantity – get it now to avoid disappointment!

Image of Sado-Akadama Stone

ADA Kei Stone 

Image of ADA Kei Stone

– Lots of Super Jet Filters – read our article about The Story of ADA Super Jet Filters here.

ADA La Plata Sand – this beautiful white sand can be used to add light to any Nature Aquarium.

Image of La Plata Sand

ADA Colorado Sand – the red colour of this sand enhances the green of the aquatic plants within the Nature Aquarium.

Image of ADA Colorado Sand

ADA Vuppa – this is a surface film extractor. It has been eagerly awaited and will finally be here!

Image of ADA Vuppa

– and the new ADA leaflet!

As well as lots of other objects of desire! Contact us now for more information…

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