The ADA Beetle Counter: A Collector’s Item

ADA Beetle Counter with ADA Poleln GlassThe ADA Beetle Counter is a highly practical, easy to use bubble counter for large aquariums, to allow you to see how much CO2 is going into your aquarium.

But it is so much more than that….

Every single ADA Beetle Counter has been handcrafted by a single Japanese skilled glass artisan…and they are so fine, complicated and difficult to make that no one else has ever managed to do it.

The ADA Beetle Counter is one of James Findley’s favorite aquascaping pieces ever.

So we are very sorry to say, that the single artisan craftsman who mastered this beautiful, classic and innovative design has now retired. Many other skilled craftsmen have attempted to make this piece, but all have failed.

We have a limited number in stock, so if you want one, we recommend that you order one now.

These items are sure to become collector’s items.

Get one before it’s too late »


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